Here are some general suggestions, dedicated to helping you make the best Wiki-page you can make.

  • Sit down with a friend at a computer. Have them read your page to find errors in spelling or grammar. This will help to make your page clear to others.
  • Leave some extra space between the end of one section and the beginning of the next. This will break your page up into chunks and make it easier to follow.
  • Make sure YOU understand everything on the page. If you have simply copied and pasted a bunch of material that is beyond your understanding, it is also beyond the understanding of many of your classmates. Make sure ideas are stated clearly.
  • Don't add a ton of detail beyond the course. Including some extra ideas that are interesting and relevant to your topic can be great. Including a bunch of stuff you copied from Wikipedia, when you don't know what it means, just makes your page confusing.
  • References. Make sure it is REALLY clear where all of your information came from.
  • Include pictures. Presenting a great picture from another website and explaining it can be a great thing to help others understand a topic.